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minds in the water visual petition

    About the Visual Petition
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Please Join the Petition

The Visual Petition is a powerful statement to the world declaring that surfers, as a global culture, will no longer stand by and let our ocean kin be murdered. Whales and Dolphins are revered by surfers and ocean lovers all over the world, though a minority of humans are intent on wiping out these masters of the ocean. Up to 26,000 Dolphins are killed every year in Japan, along with thousands of Whales killed by Norway, Japan and Iceland despite an international ban on commercial whaling. As Andy Irons says ''the surf community itself, being ocean people, have huge support for sea life especially Whales and Dolphins as we see them more than anyone..."

Thus, this growing movement amongst our culture to see the protection of our oceans and her inhabitants is one that no other group of humans is more suited for. The Visual Petition is our chance to let the collective voice of surfers be heard and to issue this warning to all those who have no respect for the oceans and her Whales and Dolphins, we know what you are doing, and we are coming to stop you.

For more in depth information and more ways to take action, go to savejapandolphins.org

Dolphin Ceremony in Taiji, Japan (27th October 2007)
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latest visual petition entries

Above are the latest 25 Petitions. Once your uploaded portrait is approved, you can view it here alongside some of the biggest celebrities in our culture! Your petition will be seen around the world on this website, and also at the next International Whaling Commission (IWC) Meeting in Chile 2008.

Show your face.. be heard.. stand up for our ocean friends!



Human Whale mass protest at Bondi Beach

On Sunday the 18th November, 2000 people came together on Bondi Beach to create the shape of a 300 foot humpback whale in protest against Japan's imminent slaughter of humpbacks, minke and fin whales. The Japanese whaling fleet set sail for the Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary on the same day. The Logie-winning Australian actor Isabel Lucas, professional surfer Dave Rastovich and his wife "Hannah Mermaid", helped Jeff Panakhoff from Save The Whales Again! to lead the event. *photos from the recent 'Save the Whales Again' event at Bondi Beach on Friday November 16th, 2007

Extension for the Competition

As the IWC meeting in Chile has now been put forward to June, we can now extend the deadline for the Visual Petition competition by another month! So, the new closing date is: 1st June, 2008. Midnight Australian Eastern Standard Time. Also, we have changed the rules of the competition to allow younger people to get involved. In a nutshell: under 18yrs old must be accompanied by an adult 18-21yrs old must have written consent by a parent or guardian We are really pushing to get more of an interest in Asia and Africa, so if you know anyone who lives in these areas please pass on as much information as you can or contact us and we can send out information kits and media kits. *photos from the recent 'Save the Whales Again' event at Bondi Beach on Friday November 16th, 2007


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